To ensure our networks integrity and a smooth ordering process, please make sure your website or affiliate link fully complies with our advertising guidelines. These guidelines have been created to ensure your orders are approved and our network consists of only high quality publisher sites. Breaking guidelines may result in your advertising account being banned from promoting any sites on our network.

Network Wide Rules: Malware & Illegal Content are disallowed on our platform as are redirect networks such as / and similar.

Pop Under Visitor Guidelines

Orders placed for our adult and alexa website visitors cannot contain the following

Frame Breaking Scripts

The most common reason for orders being rejected is the frame breaking script. This is a script / plugin that blocks your website from loading inside a pop under web browser frame. If your page contains a frame breaking script then it will not load and we cannot send visitors to your page. Please note our premium visitors can accept sites with FB scripts.

Video or Audio Set To Auto Play

As this is pop under advertising, any website that auto plays music or video will result in the window being closed immediately as most visitors find it annoying. If your website contains a video or audio such as a podcast then include a large call to action such as a play button to encourage visitors to listen.

Pop Up Window(s)

If your page forces pop ups or pop under windows when loaded then it will not accepted.

Forced Exit Script

This is a script that forces a user to confirm they want to leave, not to be confused with a script that can be ignored by clicking close tab or anywhere on a page.

If your website contains any of the above then please select premium visitors only or take a look at our traffic generator which have no such rules.

Please note premium visitors cannot contain any adult content and are only available to a few select locations at this moment in time.

Social Media Visitor Guidelines

We must comply with the various social media platforms when promoting our clients content. this means that the following are banned

  • Hateful Content
  • Drug & Alcohol
  • Firearms & Explosives
  • Gambling
  • Adult Related*

Social media platforms are always updating their rules on advertising and posting content, if we think your website may not be allowed then your payment will be refunded or you can request a URL change.

* Not permitted on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn

Push Visitor Guidelines

As these visitors have already opted into receiving notifications from our network of publisher sites and apps we can accept most content as long as its not illegal. Please note that trial plans will only accept homepage URLs this means no inner pages, social media profiles or affiliate / tracking links will be permitted.

General Advertising Guidelines

  • Free websites, blogs & social media profiles may not be accepted.
  • Third party redirect networks such as adfly & adfocus are banned.
  • Payments are processed by our secure third party payment processors PayPal and Stripe.
  • URLs are cross checked using a shared database with other advertising networks to ensure network security.
  • We only guarantee visitor delivery using Google Analytics if you have ordered push visitors & google analytics is installed correctly. 

If you are unsure if your website complies with our above rules, feel free to contact our support team with your URL before ordering.

Our support staff are happy to take a look at your website before ordering to ensure a smoother experience.

These guidelines may change at anytime.