Pop Under ADs

Your AD will be displayed in several ways depending on your order type

  • Adult
  • Mobile
  • Alexa
  • Web (Desktop)

We generate visitors for the above traffic types by displaying your URL inside a full paged pop under window.

This is done by either loading a new tab on the browsers device or by loading a stand alone window depending on their browser.

Your website will always load in the background.

Pop Under Example

You place an order for the following

  • order type - web traffic (desktop)
  • volume - 2,500 visitors
  • demographic - real estate
  • targeting - USA

A visitor on our network is browsing a website in our real estate category, they are currently looking at homes to rent.

Our platform detects that they match your targeting needs and automatically loads a new window or tab with your URL loaded.

Below you can see what it would look like if you promoted our website.

Push Visitors

Push visitors are mobile or desktop notifications that a visitor on our network have opted into receiving. If push visitors are new to you then they are most popular with services such as email or Facebook who can notify you of any new updates.

Using the same example as above, we would send a push notification to any visitor who has opted in on our real estate sites of your website to their mobile, tablet or desktop.

Push AD Examples

Our platform will pull the following data and use it to create a notification

  • Site title - taken from your meta data
  • Site description - taken from your meta data
  • Snap shot - A screenshot of your page fully loaded

iPhone / iPad




Social Media Visitors

We have access to many different accounts, pages, groups and subreddits who we pay to display your website links.

Most social media platforms will automatically pull the following data when we post your link

  • Site title - taken from your meta data
  • Site description - taken from your meta data
  • Snap shot - taken from the featured image meta data

Can I Have a List of Sites?

Unfortunately we cannot disclose our publisher sites, its part of our agreement when new publishers join. Rest assured our network of publisher sites (web, mobile, premium & social) have to follow our strict guidelines to ensure they are up to our high standards.

We have a similar check list to Googles publisher policy which can be viewed here - https://support.google.com/adsense/answer/9335564?hl=en

For adult sites we have a separate policy.

All websites on our network are scanned daily to ensure they fully comply with our guidelines. If not being able to see our publisher sites is an issue with your brand then you may prefer advertising your site on another network.