Pop under clients do not need to create their own campaigns, its all handled by our platform. After ordering your will be given access to your own traffic dashboard where you can make changes if needed.

Here you can view a list of active and expired campaigns and make the following changes

  • Pause / Resume - You will find a button next to your "promotional URL ID"
  • Change URL - You can change URL by clicking the CHANGE URL button.
  • Change Demographic - Clicking on the current demographic under your URL will let you change targets.
  • Current IP List - Here you can view our AD sever IP addresses.
  • Previous 10 Day Stats - Here you can view a chart of the last 10 days.
  • Visitors Expected Today - Clicking this will let you change your daily visitor rate

Below each campaign there is also a map and chart to easily view statistics. Our dashboard fully supports Bit.ly or Cutt.ly tracking, please contact our team if you would like to view these statistics for each campaign.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I changed URL but my campaign did not start.

A. URL changes can take 12 hours to fully refresh over our network, if it has been longer then please reach out for assistance.

Q.  My traffic stats are incorrect.

A. We guarantee the total volume you purchased to match either our dashboard, bit.ly or cutt.ly statistics only. If your campaign has ended and the reported number is lower then please reach out.

Q. How Can I Change My Daily Visitor Amount

A. Please log into your traffic dashboard and click the hyperlink next to "Expected Daily Visitors) - Changes may take a full hour to fully refresh over our network.

Q. How To Track Visitors?

A. Our pop under visitors (adult, alexa, mobile, social & web) can only be tracked via our in-house dashboard or bit.ly and cutt.ly statistics.