Our push visitors are on a self-serve platform, this means that after you order a traffic plan you will need to log into your dashboard to use it.

Creating Your Push Visitor Campaign

Step 1 - Log in

Log into your push traffic dashboard and click on the blue button labeled "Create Traffic Campaign"

Step 2 - Create Campaign

Here you will enter some very basics settings which can all be changed after you create your campaign.

Campaign Size - Drop down menu with all plans you have ordered and have yet to use, please note there may be a delay between ordering and your plan being added. You will always receive an email once it has been added to your account.

Campaign Name - This option is for yourself or team to better track multiple campaigns.

Website URL - The website you want visitors to go to, it can be your own site or an affiliate site.

Custom Referral - You can use this field to mask our ad servers and enter any website URL you wish, it will show in your Google Analytics.

Device Targeting - Desktop, Mobile or Both.

Location Targeting - Select any country from our drop down, after you create your campaign you will have the option of selecting cities & states (depending on your plan)

Step 3 - Edit Campaign

After adding your new campaign you will be redirected to your home dashboard screen where you can see a list of active and previous campaigns. Clicking the edit button found next to your new campaign will bring you to the Edit Campaign screen.

Please use the "more info" helpers next to each option to understand what they do. After making changes please click "Save Settings" found at the bottom of the page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why does my campaign say "Inactive, Paused, Expired"

A. Traffic plans will run for 30 days after creating them, after this they will end / expire. Please check the "Traffic Speed" slider to make sure its not at 0%.

Q. How do I renew a campaign?

A. You can renew campaigns easily if you have an unused traffic credit of the same size in your account. To set a campaign to automatically renew please click "Edit" next to your campaign and check the box  "Automatically renew this campaign? " then click "Save Settings".

Q. How do I add more traffic credits to my account

A. Click on the "Order Traffic" link found at the top of your dashboard and fill out the order form. Please ensure that you use the same email address during the checkout process. Your new traffic credit will be added to your account once your payment has been approved. Traffic credits do not need to be used straight away.

Q. I cant select an option, its grayed out.

A. Smaller traffic plans have less features, our push visitor platform is aimed towards agencies. Please refer to the image below to see which plans have access to which features.

Q. How Can I Control My Daily Visitor Amount

A. Inside the edit campaign screen there is a slider used to select a percentage, raising this will increase your visitors, lowering it to 0% will pause your campaign. Please ensure you click the save button after making any changes. It may take a full hour to fully refresh over our network.